Nexa3D NXD 200 3D Printing Dental Applications


Ultrafast 3D Printer for Models, Surgical Guides, Splints, Impression Trays and Occlusal Nightguards

The NXD 200 is the perfect 3D printing solution for high throughput dental applications. With an unprecedented 8.5L build volume measuring 275 x 155 x 200mm (19.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inch) and patented LSPc technology. This complete 3D printer is ideal for dental resin models, splints, impression trays, occlusal nightguards, and more. The superior speed and workflow is complemented by intuitive interfaces and ease of use, ideal for dental labs.

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Ultrafast 3D printing with validated materials and workflows bring dental manufacturing solutions you can trust — right to your lab. Meet the increased demand for volume with one faster, larger printer that saves on space, is easy to use and provides a lower cost per part.


Benefit from 90-95% accuracy at 100µm, uniformity and repeatability from edge to edge on the NXD 200 build platform. Patient-specific 3D printed dental models, surgical guides, splints, trays, and nightguards can be produced in-house with speed, reliability, and accuracy.


Designed specifically for the dental industry, the NXD 200 offers world-class dental model manufacturing capabilities at ultrafast speeds with validated Keystone performance dental resins. The NXD 200 offers high throughput to keep dental operations productive, with a large build plate to create up to 20 flat 3D-printed dental models in less than 30 minutes.


Build Volume275 x 155 x 200 mm (10.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inch)
External Dimensions:21 x 20x 32 inch (53.34 x 50.80 x 81.28 cm)
Internal Dimensions:15.50 x 10.75 x 25.75 inch (39.37 x 27.30 x6 5.40 cm)
Weight:110 lbs empty (49.89 kg empty)
Max Resolution4K (3840 x 2160)
Pixel Pitch76.5 µm (0.0030 in)
Wavelength405 nm
Build MaterialsUV Curable Plastics: KeyModel Ultra; KeySplint Soft; KeyGuide; KeyTray
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3D printed molds of teeth

“The NXD 200 is extremely accurate, offers one of the best print speeds in the market, checks in at an affordable price, and comes with solid tech support. It’s a game changer.”

– Benjamin Taylor, Keystone Dental, 3D Printing Engineer and Lab Manager

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Close up of the Everlast Membrane


The Everlast-2 Membrane provides superior print speed, surface finish, and fidelity as well as tremendous functional durability. The Everlast-2 Membrane lasts 50,000+ printed layers — up to 25x longer than alternative interface layer technologies.

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Keyprint Logo over a bottle of Keyprint Bottle of material


The NXD 200 raises the bar on productivity using dental materials:

  • KeyModel Ultra for dental models, aligners
    • Full build plates of 20 parts in 29 minutes
  • KeySplint Hard and Soft for splints, nightguards, and mouthguards:
    • Full build plates of 30-40 parts in one hour and 17 minutes
  • KeyGuide for surgical guides
    • Full build plates of 30-60 parts in one hour and 50 minutes

510(k) Compliance
Keystone materials, along with workflows, have been validated as Keystone Compatible by Keystone Industries, guaranteeing the production of safe and effective medical devices when used with the NXD 200 and the corresponding workflow.

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Performance dental resins
Models & Splints
Custom Trays
Occlusal guards
Surgical Guides
Teeth Molds 3D Printed


Validated dental materials ensure biocompatibility you — and your patients — can trust. Ultrafast 3D printing with validated Keystone performance dental resins brings accuracy, reliability, and consistency right to the lab as you produce 3D-printed dental models.

Nexa3D Software with Dental Teeth Designed Out


NexaX software enables process stability and print consistency for mass production of a variety of dental applications. It also provides APIs that make the integration of a variety of software tools easy, including full Oqton integration.

Front view of the xCure and xWash


xCURE and xWASH post-processing systems ensure consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance. The xWASH system accommodates the full build volume of the NXD 200 and can accept up to two build platforms simultaneously for streamlined post-processing workflow.

Definitive Guide to Ultrafast 3D Printing

Nexa3D LSPc Logo


A technical look at the evolution of stereolithography and the emergence of the Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) process.

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