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x45 (Natural) material

A tough material that is ideal for models and functional prototypes requiring high strength and durability. Capable of much higher print speeds than current materials, x45-Natural features excellent out-of-printer properties with robust print styles to ensure high first-time build success. Supporting a wide variety of applications with short processing times, x45-Natural’s draft build mode offers companies greater flexibility within their manufacturing processes.

x45-Natural Technical Data Sheet


xGPP material

A stiff, heat-resistant material with a HDT of 230ºC similar to many PAEK thermoplastics like PEEK. Exhibits excellent long-term stability at temperatures exceeding 100ºC making it suitable for prototypes and end-use parts subjected to high temperatures and fast tooling for plastic molding.

xPEEK Technical Data Sheet


xABS3843 material

Tough and durable material with the aesthetics of injection molded black ABS. High performance, high modulus material boasting excellent flexural and tensile physical properties with a relatively high degree of elongation. It displays high green strength and good heat deflection temperature enabling it to print accurately and function in a wide variety of applications. It has been tested in QUV exterior weathering conditions (ASTM G-154) for 800 hours with less than a 15% change in Tensile and IZOD Impact properties./p>

3843-xABS Technical Data Sheet


xFlex475 material

A medium soft rubber-like material that cures to a soft, elastomeric finish. Customers can use this industrial strength material in applications that require resilience, snap back, and tear resistance, such as pipes and manifolds, handles and grips, seals and gaskets, or sportswear and footwear midsoles. This material also boasts an impressive 150 percent elongation at break, an excellent energy return of up to 50 percent, and resistance to most solvents.

xFlex475-White Technical Data Sheet


xPP405 material

A tough, impact-resistant material with a modulus similar to molded unfilled polypropylene. Exhibits excellent weathering characteristics and UV stability making it suitable for end-use part applications.

xPP405-Black Technical Data Sheet

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