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The EverCare Service Plan grants you and your team direct access to our team of EverCare 3D Printing Services Experts. This team will provide expedited and in-depth support regarding any troubleshooting or consultation needs.

When you contact the EverCare team by a direct support channel such as phone, e-mail, or SMS, your correspondence will be automatically assigned to the next available Services Agent. In an effort to provide the most expedient service possible under the terms of this Plan, Your ongoing support cases may be routed to the next available Agent. Each of our Agents is trained to the same degree, and is able to help you in the same manner.

Should you enjoy the correspondence you have had with a particular Agent, or would like to follow-up regarding an ongoing case, you may request the individual by name. Your correspondence may be reassigned to this individual so long as their schedule permits. This may result in a delayed response time. Customer correspondences are addressed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

XiP EverCare Service Plan Video Training


Within the first 30 days of purchasing the EverCare Plan, the plan owner is eligible for one 60-minute consultation with an EverCare agent. This video training session is intended to aid you and your team gain confidence in the use of your new XiP 3D Printer. The training session will cover 3D printing best practices with XiP, print job setup in our NexaX software, safety and material handling considerations, and other personal agenda items as time permits.

The user will schedule this training via the online booking link provided at the time of purchase or by calling the EverCare hotline. In addition, we will provide an on-demand 30-minute onboarding video to help orient you in unboxing and setup of the XiP. It is highly recommended that you and your team watch this 30-minute onboarding video before scheduling your 60-minute training session.

Should you determine that you and your team are confident with the initial setup and use of your XiP printer after viewing the 30-minute onboarding video, you may defer the use of your 60-minute training session until a later date, at which time you can customize this consultation session to suit your needs. In order to postpone your training session, you must contact an EverCare Service Agent within the first 30 Days of ownership.


Power users need priority access to support services to keep parts printing and projects going. Each User will have the option to initiate and troubleshoot service requests with the EverCare Service team by reaching out via the EverCare phone hotline, direct SMS text message from a registered cellphone number, or by scheduling a video meeting via an online booking link These services will be provided via a first-come (first-schedule) basis with an objective of returning any communication within 2 hours of contact with Nexa3D during the standard hours of operation.

In an effort to provide thorough support for all of our Evercare customers, video and phone calls may be limited to one hour. You are able to use the aforementioned premium contact methods at any time, on a reasonable unlimited basis, under the terms stated above. This is considered a “reasonable use” of the policy, and abuse of this policy, such as continued extended phone or video correspondences, or “spamming” our ticketing system for visibility, will be reviewed and considered for termination of this Plan Agreement.

Emails, calls and video chats may be recorded for training purposes and support auditing.

XiP EverCare Plan Printer Hot-Swap


While the XiP is designed to be reliable, ultimately hardware may break. We know that individuals who use desktop printers often rely on only a few machines, and any downtime dramatically impacts the customer’s ability to achieve projects. After raising a support request, the service agent will work with the customer to rapidly troubleshoot any hardware issue. If deemed that the issue cannot be solved by the user with a reasonable amount of effort under the direction of the service agent, the agent will offer a printer Hot-Swap. In this case, we’ll send the customer a working printer at the first availability, and the User will return the broken printer within 3 days of receipt of the Hot-Swap printer.

Upon request, User may elect to keep the Hot-Swap printer or exchange it for the original printer once repairs are complete. In the later case, the User is responsible for the return shipping charges to exchange the Original Printer with the Hot-Swap unit.

If the necessary repairs are not covered by the limited or Extended Warranty, the User will be charged a relevant repair fee. This fee will not be charged automatically, and will instead be discussed with you prior to placing an order.

XiP EverCare Consumables Subscription


Keeping the customer printing is our #1 job. The EverCare plan will give any customer the option to create a recurring schedule to purchase consumables and materials (photopolymer resin). The order management, shipping, and handling will be handled by the Nexa3D Services Team, and charged to the purchase method on file.

In the case of an emergency need for a consumable or material, the EverCare team can expedite the handling of your order shipment through our local warehouses. Shipping rates based on your required shipping speed (2-Day, One-Day, Overnight) will be clearly stated and charged to your account upon your approval of a Priority Order.

Due to the Global Supply-Chain for our product offering, we cannot guarantee that all consumables, materials, and user-serviceable components will always be in-stock. Should a requested item be out-of-stock at the time of your Priority Handling request, we will notify you before proceeding with the order.



When you purchase an EverCare Service Plan, you will receive an agreement to accept which lays out the terms of service. After acceptance of the Agreement, you will then provide us with the necessary contact information for you to communicate with the EverCare team.

You will then be asked to identify and register up to five individuals, including yourself, who are permitted to interact with the EverCare agents under the terms of this agreement. These Registered EverCare Users will be registered within our system under an Account associated with You, or your organization, and Your XiP printer.


The EverCare Service Plan is sold by Nexa3D and Nexa3D Authorized Service Resellers and has a coverage period of 12-months from the Agreement date or the XiP printer registration date, whichever comes latest.

Each EverCare Service Plan covers one (1) XiP printer and up to five (5) Users who may initiate and receive services under the plan.


Support is available Monday-Friday from 9AM to 8PM EST, not including holidays.


The EverCare Service Plan does not extend the 1-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty for your XiP printer. If You would like to extend the warranty coverage for Your XiP printer, an Extended Warranty can be purchased for an additional fee within 30 days of your initial printer purchase.


The EverCare Service Plan has a coverage period of 12-months. This agreement and Plan auto-renews annually at the prevailing list price of the EverCare service plan. You have the right to opt-out of renewal with an advance notice of 30 days by contacting your EverCare Service Agent. An automated reminder email will be sent 60 days prior to this renewal, for your convenience.

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