We are a team of passionate additive manufacturing practitioners that are committed to digitizing the world’s supply chain sustainably.

We make the world’s fastest polymer 3D printers accessible to professionals and businesses of all sizes. Our groundbreaking technology is shattering traditional 3D printing productivity barriers and opening the aperture of additive materials.

Our printers take current additive manufacturing speeds from ‘dialup internet’ to ‘broadband’ printing and are capable of continuously printing at speeds of up to 8 liters per hour. This represents up to 20x productivity gains over all current state additive products and is comparable only to injection molding economics — existing supply chain complexities, extended lead-times and the substantial costs typically associated  with tooled plastics.

Close Up of LSPc 3D Printing Technology



We engineered from the ground up two new print engines that are designed for high speed production applications; Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) for photoplastics print engine and Quantum Laser Sintering (QLS) print engine for thermoplastics.

Beyond our game-changing hardware innovations, we are coding the interplay between chemistry, process and speed at scale. Our Digital Twin Printing (DTP) software unlocks new material properties and assures process stability, higher yields and performance.

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We believe the best way to propel the additive manufacturing industry forward is to work together with our material partners to innovate and develop a steady stream of high performance 3D printing materials. To democratize access to production polymers, we formed partnerships with world-class material suppliers including Henkel, BASF, DSM and Evonik. Together we are unlocking the full potential of performance polymers that are addressing a broader range of industrial and medical prototyping and production use cases.

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We are deeply committed to sustainability. We apply circular economy principles in every phase of our design and delivery process by rigorously measuring and improving on what matters: minimizing process waste, reducing energy consumption per part and working with our customers to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

Reforestation Effort


Avi Reichental


Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Andrea Denaro


Board Member

Ken Kisner


Board Member

Joseph Thorpe


Board Member

Jeff Holden


Board Member

Frank Sklarsky


Board Member

Yori Nelken


Board Member


Avi Reichental


Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Izhar Medalsy


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Kevin McAlea


Chief Operating Officer

Sven Jensen Nexa3D


Chief Financial Officer

Nina Swienton Nexa3D


Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Currie


Vice President, General Manager Desktop Business Unit

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